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Ajiha(U~eipa)Cans 500g 原味味霸萬用高湯調味料


Ajiha(U~eipa)Cans 500g 原味味霸萬用高湯調味料


Ajiha(U~eipa)Cans 500g

Ingredients: salt, meat extract (pork, chicken),

Ajiha, in the sense of taste of the king in Chinese, based on the chicken bone, pork bone soup indispensable to Chinese cuisine fresh vegetables extract, spices and seasonings a curated blended taste Kok flavor plenty of universal This is the source of Chinese soup. Fried rice and stir-fry, if you can in addition people spoon to other various cuisine, you can enjoy the taste of a full-fledged restaurant.

Product Of Japan

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