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Guinot Liftosome Lifting Cream , 50 ml / 1.6 oz - Psyduckonline


Guinot Liftosome Lifting Cream , 50 ml / 1.6 oz


Guinot Liftosome Lifting Cream,Liftosome Liposome based formula guarantees in-depth penetration. Protects against environmental aging (UV rays, pollution). Ensures a long lasting lifting action Anti-oxidant formula Liposomes-deliver amino acids and proteins deep in to the cellular structure. Proteins (Serum Albumin)- stimulates the fibroblasts and increases the synthesis of elastic fibers. Hyaluronic Acid-moisturizes and protects. Vitamins A& E- regenerate and combat damage caused by free radicals. Jojoba Oil-balances hydrolipidic film. Source Key Ingredients Energizing Firming complex: Hyaluronic Acid: holds up to 300 times its weight in water- Collalift (malt extract): preserves the skin's youthful reserve- Keratolite (plant extract): smoothes skins imperfections, minimizes wrinkles, revives skins radiance- Titrisol (wheat protein): reduces the marks of wrinkles and firms the features- Aloe Vera: prevents evaporation of water, hydrates, soothes and repairs- Hygroplex: humectant, prevents moisture loss.

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