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Glo Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Serum 30 ml / 1 fl oz - Psyduckonline

glo therapeutics

Glo Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Serum 30 ml / 1 fl oz


The glo therapeutics Cyto-luxe Serum contains active botanical ingredients that encourage collagen production and reduce fine lines. The anti aging serum protects the skin from damage and rebuilds it from the inside, while improving the appearance of your complexion from the outside. This wrinkle reducer contains SYN®-AKE, a tripeptide that produces the same results as a peptide found in snake venom. It hinders muscle contractions to create a powerful anti aging serum. Combined with other major peptides, strong botanical antioxidants, and collagen-stimulating ingredients, the glo therapeutics Cyto-luxe Serum is a difficult product to compete with. Order today to see an improvement in skin tone, elasticity, and smoothness.

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