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Image Skincare

Image Skincare Vital C Travel/Trial Kit

$12.00 $24.00

The VITAL C collection is ideal for dry/dehydrated, rosacea-prone and sensitive skin due to harsh environmental stressors. A rich blend of natural botanicals creates a soothing and healthy way to improve skin. A product line high in anti-oxidants for ultimate protection and nutrition.

Suitable for holidays or short breaks
Delivers preventative measures against the effects of ageing
Contains active ingredients

Each kit contains the following:-

Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser – 7.4ml
Vital C Hydrating Anti-ageing Serum – 7.4ml
Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme – 7.4ml
Vital C Enzyme Masque – 7.4ml
Prevention Hydrating Moisturiser SPF30 – 7.4ml

Suitable for Dry/Dehydrated, Redness-Prone, Sensitive and Ageing skin.

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