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GLO Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream 15ml / 0.5 fl. oz. - Psyduckonline

glo therapeutics

GLO Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream 15ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

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Achieve real results with this under eye cream from glo therapeutics. Just a small amount of this anti wrinkle treatment restructures mature skin and reduces dryness. A combination of naturally derived ingredients increases collagen and elastin in the skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and boost the moisture levels in mature skin. The glo therapeutics Cyto-luxe Eye Cream features the best in biological ingredients. Antarcticine®, a bacterial strain found at the bottom of an Antarctic glacier, delivers a multitude of benefits, from increasing collagen and elastin to protecting the skin from severe cold. Myoxinol, a patented natural complex, contains natural peptides found in hibiscus seeds that have been clinically proven to smooth wrinkles after just 3 weeks. Finally, Leontopodium Alpinum Stems G, stem cells from a plant native to mountain ranges, features powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from aging, photo aging and collagen loss. For an all-in-one under eye cream and anti wrinkle treatment, purchase the glo therapeutics Cyto-luxe Eye Cream today.

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