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BioElements Absolute Moisture 73ml / 2.5 fl oz - Psyduckonline


BioElements Absolute Moisture 73ml / 2.5 fl oz

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Bioelements Absolute Moisturizer is a lightweight facial moisturizer for combination skin that balances and leaves skin smooth with self-adjusting moisture-binders.

This combination skin moisturizer's intelligent self-adjusting hydrators balance combination skin's water-to-oil levels, so every area gets the exact amount of hydration it needs. Absolute Moisture absorbs quickly, leaving no oily feel or shine. Skin is smooth and soft, and lines are less visible.


* Smoothes and softens skin
* Minimizes surface wrinkles
* Balances skin's water-to-oil moisture level
* Used twice a day will last over 3 months

Apply to entire face and neck, day or night.

Key Ingredients:

* SODIUM PCA: Softening, moisture-binding humectant
* AVOCADO,ALMOND, and JOJOBA OILS: Smoothing and softening natural oils
* SODIUM HYALURONATE: Hydrating substance that binds moisture to face skin layers

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