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Belborn Quick Soothing Ampul Mask (Pack of 10 Masks) - Psyduckonline


Belborn Quick Soothing Ampul Mask (Pack of 10 Masks)

$10.00 $30.00

A perfect at-home facial for stressed skin; post laser treatment or extended sun exposure, the Quick Soothing Ampul Mask Belborn works to relieve irritation, redness and trouble while adding hydration in just 5 minutes. Active ingredients peptides, collagen and vitamins work to transform sensitive, irritable, hot and red skin into a cool, calm and glowing complexion. Nearly a full ounce (.98 fl oz) of this highly-concentrated, skin-benefiting ampul is packed in each package. Ampul is effectively delivered to skin using a mask material made out of Kosel fabric to enhance the cooling and calming effect. Free of parabens, artificial dyes or mineral oils.

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