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Belborn Concentrate Cream Mask (Pack of 10 Masks) - Psyduckonline


Belborn Concentrate Cream Mask (Pack of 10 Masks)

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Keep your skin looking fresh and glowing with Concentrate Cream Mask new from Belborn. The rich, creamy essence is packed with active ingredients peptides, collagen, vitamins and niacinimide to brighten and hydrate skin. Anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract plumps skin and calms irritation and redness. A perfect at-home facial to transform lackluster skin into a bouncy, more awake, youthful complexion. More than a full ounce (1.05 fl oz) of this highly-concentrated, skin-benefiting cream essence is packed in each package. Cream essence is effectively delivered to skin using a bio-celluose mask material which offers excellent adherence. Free of parabens, artificial dyes or mineral oils.

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