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23 Years Old Black Cavidiol Mask (Pack of 3 Masks) - Psyduckonline

23 Years Old

23 Years Old Black Cavidiol Mask (Pack of 3 Masks)

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Made with luxurious caviar extract and propanediol, this mask replenishes, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. It has the perfect amount of moisture, making it friendly for all skin types. The mask sheet is designed with tension sheet formula, which allows the sheet to stretch & wrap face comfortably on the skin. Unlike most sheet masks, this mask does not have a mouth opening; however, this method is vital in order to treat the entire mouth/lip/chin area. How to use: Place the sheet mask on a freshly cleansed face and adjust. Feel free to pull and stretch the mask to fit your face, including the sides of the jawline &underneath the chin area. Leave on for about 20 minutes then remove. Lightly tap the skin for maximum absorption.

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