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23 Years Old

23 Years Old Air-Laynic Pore Mask

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23 years old Air Laynic Pore Mask is featured with the CXDX (Carbonxy Detoxifying) Air-Therapy, which is an innovative skincare mask. It promotes skin’s blood circulation by adding Oxygen into the skin and skin becomes more energetic and transparent. It also purifies skin for a smoother and tighter texture. Skin becomes young and healthy, like Korean young girl. Beautiful skin with no makeup makes you look confident and charming. *No Paraben, mineral oil, artificial colors, artificial flavors and is safe to use. How to use : 1. After cleansing and toning face, apply essence of the tube onto the mask paper, and place onto the nose and cheekbone area (butterfly area). 2. Use hands to enhance skincare effects by patting face, then wait 10-30 minutes and peel off the mask. 3. Finally use a cotton pad to clean face and rinse the mask residue. * It is a normal reaction to have thermal sensation when using.
Deep Pore Tightening
Enhance Skin Health
urify and Whiten Skin
Eliminate Pores

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